• Installation: 12:00
  • Concept + Development: Douglas Edric Stanley

High Noon High Noon

This is an installation that I built at the Villa Arson in 2001. Unfortunately, the Villa Arson’s huge (and very expensive) digital arts facility imploded due to some internal contemporary art fascists who were terrified of digital art. I think my residency was all they needed to push them over the edge ;-)

This installation was designed around the Fred Zinneman film “High Noon”. Using an algorithmic cinema software program, I “taught” the computer the film, and gave it pointers on where it could stretch the film out, compact it, make cuts, etc.

For the installation, a chair was set up in the middle of a room with a projected image of high noon on the wall facing it. On the chair, a small calculator-type interface allowed users to choose a new duration for the time. Times could range anywhere from 30 seconds to 24 hours. Once the time entered into the keypad, the film readapted itself to the remaining time.