• Installation: ^3, a.k.a.3, a.k.a. “cubed”
  • Concept+Design: Douglas Edric Stanley
  • Exhibition: ZeroOne San Jose
  • Dates: August 7 – 13, 2006
  • Play! Online (requires Shockwave)
  • Video (via YouTube) : Cubed Demo
  • Video (iPod compatible) : Cubed Demo

Cubed (video), Douglas Edric Stanley

The « 3 » terminal is working and ready for the august show. One down, three to go.

I was so excited that I quickly set up a camera, forgot to do a decent white balance, and did a one-take video recording with the crappy Quicktime Midi Instruments. So don’t expect much. Obviously I’ll have better instruments for the exhibit, but you’ll have to wait for that. I need to move on to the next terminal as this one took a long time to finalize. But if you’re curious as to how the system works, you can check out the vidceo. Just keep in mind that this is an early demo…

I was suprised to discover that several of the various methods for “solving” the cube are actually musically interesting. Although I’ve been learning several methods over the past few weeks, I figured that I’d have to create new algorithms for permutations that do not seek to solve the cube, but rather seek to make interesting music from it. As it turns out, these two approaches are not incompatible. That said, I really need to speed up my cubing skills. It takes me around 3 min. average to solve it when I’m not making music, and that just won’t do for a live performance when permutations should switch back and forth quickly. Some have got it down to under 20 seconds, so 3 minutes is a joke…

I never said the instrument was designed to be easy to use…