Gameboy vs. ENIAROF

I’m madly editing videos and posting them on the ENIAROF account on YouTube. When I’m finished, I’ll post them all here. Videos from the other attractions, for example from the AmaZiNg mUd wResTlInG or the Cabaret Cui Cui will be… Continue Reading →

Gameboy Advance + Director

I’ve been working on an interface to easily connection up Director and the Gameboy Advance, allowing the GBA to act as a joystick to a Director interface, as well as to transfer data between the two entitites. This would allow… Continue Reading →


Retrocompatible Museum

The Card Players

Caligari Cards

There is a curious sub-history of the use of playing cards in artistic production; it is one of the more interesting of the obscure subjects of art, but can also become the objet d’art itself (play as œuvre).


Update (22/11/2010). This exhibit has just been extended for another 6 months, due to it’s popularity. Exhibit: Museo Games Location: Musée des Arts et métiers, Paris Map: 60 Rue Réaumur 75003 Paris Curators: Pierre Giner, Stéphane Natkin, Loïc Petitgirard Scenography:… Continue Reading →



I’ve been working with two very handy C++ development libraries over the last two weeks: OpenFrameworks and PAlib. We started working with OpenFrameworks in the Atelier hypermédia last week — I’ll write more about that later. As for the other… Continue Reading →

progress bar = 75%

Event: ENIAROF 0.2 Organisation / ENIAROF: Antonin Fourneau Organisation / ENIAROF Video Arcade: Stéphane Cousot, Antonin Fourneau & Douglas Edric Stanley Video Arcade: Atelier Hypermedia, Atelier de Recherches Interactives Video Arcade Attractions: Jean-Baptiste Alfonsi, Fabien Artal, Timothée Baschet, Pauline Bétrancourt,… Continue Reading →


More just-in-time-for-ENIAROF portraits to give you an idea about who is behind this project, what sort of things we’re interested in, as well as a glimpse of some of the work produced at the Atelier Hypermedia. This time we’re featuring… Continue Reading →


Yet another in-preparation-for-ENIAROF post. This time we’re looking at a recent series of small video games that inspired us for the design of the workshop. The series is called bitgenerations, and is further proof that Nintendo currently is hovering just… Continue Reading →

Art, Videogames, and Play

Speaker: Douglas Edric Stanley Presentation: « Une rencontre pour tisser des liens entre art, jeux vidéos, œuvres et pratiques ludiques » Date: 19h, 13 juin 2006 Location: Le Cyber, Friche bel de Mai Address: 41, rue Jobin 13003 Marseille In… Continue Reading →

The Great Schism

Ok, let it hearby be known that if one more person cites Picasso’s “Je ne cherche pas, je trouve”, they will be shot. So I ended up speaking last Thursday at the Assises Nationales des Écoles d’Art. If you don’t… Continue Reading →


New toy tool! Santa came early this year. I just received my Wiring circuit board from Hernando Barragán. I couldn’t help myself, so I just plugged it in to see what it does (ok, I checked the circuitboard first to… Continue Reading →

The Game Machine

I might dissapear for a while, as I’m working again on The Game Machine. This is a cool interface I designed a few years back, but never really took the time to prepare it for the rest of the world…. Continue Reading →

GBA Export

GBA Export I stumbled onto this cool little Photoshop plug-in this afternoon, while looking for something else. It’s an exporter for converting images in Photoshop into headers for a Gameboy program. Stephane Cousot actually already built us a GBA Image… Continue Reading →

ENIAROF Contributions

Installations: Invaders! (pour manchots), Générique ENIAROF Concept+Design: Douglas Edric Stanley Générique icons: Pierre-Erick Lefebvre Exhibition: ENIAROF Video Arcade Website: ENIAROF I found the time to build two installations for the ENIAROF Video Arcade. The first is a reprise of my… Continue Reading →


Workshop: PLAY+MOBILE Artists: Douglas Edric Stanley & Stephane Cousot Participants: Thomas Michalak, Pierre-Erick Lefebvre, Antonin Fourneau, Daniel Urbain, Loïs Roussillon, Cécile Boissimon, Benjamin Hochart Location: Atelier Hypermedia, Aix-en-Provence Art School Dates: January 5-9 & 12-16, 2004 Website: Demo: play+mobile… Continue Reading →