Salone Ludico





Snail Run


The Card Players

Caligari Cards

There is a curious sub-history of the use of playing cards in artistic production; it is one of the more interesting of the obscure subjects of art, but can also become the objet d’art itself (play as œuvre).

Graphisme Algorithmique


The IOC And Me

IOC Olympic Village 2013

Swiss Game Lounge

Mimicry, Raphaël Muñoz + Emilie Tappolet + Faceshift

Wrist Watch

Wrist Watch, Tissot



Multi-touch demo reel

Project: Mur Communicant Workshops: DataFlow (7-11.6.2010), Communication (23.3-2.4.2010), Toucher (8-19.2.2010), Mobilité (1-5.12.2009) Partners: Seconde Nature + FING + PACA Labs + ZINC + Digital Deluxe + villes d’Aix-en-Provence et de Marseille Participants: Atelier Hypermédia ESAA + Studio Lentigo ENSBAM +… Continue Reading →

Live Animal

I’m about to get on a plane (yearly Silicon Valley trip home) with our dog, Duke and we had to place « Live Animal » and « Up » stickers on his cage. Since I didn’t have any, I whipped these up, using that… Continue Reading →


Media Design

Master of Arts HES-SO in Design Media Design / Spaces & Communication Institution: Haute École d’Art et de Design Genève Duration: October 2009 – June 2011 Deadline for applications: 29 May, 2009 I have been invited to take part in… Continue Reading →

Embedded Fonts

I’m currently playing about with Safari 3.1‘s embedded font feature. It’s great, and about time. If you’re reading this blog directly from my website and with Safari 3.1+ then you know what I’m talking about. Otherwise, you’ll just have to… Continue Reading →

Beneath the Surface…

Ok people, you can stop sending me emails about Microsoft Surface. I’ve seen it already. And as I mentioned in this interview and this one the experimentation phase of interactive surfaces is over. Everyone knows that Microsoft is the pretty… Continue Reading →

Forced Labor

Ok, this is one of those things that only an engineer could think of — also known as how to shave off a minute here, a minute there, when you have perfectly better things to do… Take a look at… Continue Reading →

instruments + plateformes interactives

presentation: instruments + plateformes interactives speaker: Douglas Edric Stanley conference: Symposium Audio/Espaces/Réseaux organizers: Locus Sonus pdf: destanley.pdf This is a recording of my presentation during the Symposium Audio/Espaces/Réseaux organized by Locus Sonus. In the accompagnying pdf file (destanley.pdf) you will… Continue Reading →

Little Red Riding Hood

Installation: Le petit chaperon rouge interactif Concept+Design: Alexis Amen & Douglas Edric Stanley Exhibition: Salon du livre et de la presse de jeunesse Producer: Opixido Location: Paris Date: 24 November – 29 November, 2004 Photos + Video: Le petit chaperon… Continue Reading →


Installation + CD-Rom: E-Rex, Ecran Robot Explorateur Concept + Design: L.O.E.I.L. Interface Design + Development: Douglas Edric Stanley Visuals: Mathieu Imbert Video: Erex Interface (mp4) This interactive manual was designed for the E-Rex, an experimental robotic screen designed at the… Continue Reading →

Jeu de mots

Installation + CD-Rom: Jeu de mots (Wordplay) Concept: Claude Faure Design: Claude & Vincent Faure Interactivity Design + Development: Douglas Edric Stanley Producer: Béatrice Selleron & Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie Video: Wordplay Interface Claude Faure is a conceptual… Continue Reading →

Virtual Review

CD-Rom + Installation: La Revue Virtuelle : Actualités du virtuel Director: Jean-Louis Boissier Producer: Martine Moinot, Centre Georges Pompidou Video producer: Béatrice Selleron Interface design: Fabien Lagny Interactive illustrations: Douglas Edric Stanley Video: Virtual Review Illustrations The Virtual Review was… Continue Reading →