10 October, 2011

Le passager futé

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Le passager futé (Geek Run adaptation) from apelab on Vimeo.

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20 October, 2010


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« Scolu » Aquatic creatures on mobile devices designed by Leïla Jaquet 3d modelling by Stanislas Bernatt Master Media Design, HEAD Genève Software development: Pierre Rossel, David Hodgetts, Douglas Edric Stanley Hardware development: Théo Reichel, Leïla Jaquet Software platforms: OpenFrameworks, Blender, Subversion Link: http://www.scolu.com Platform: iPhone | iPad | hypertable Project blog: Scolu Video: Scolu, Scolu beta In Scolu one discovers a virtual and interactive aquarium – also a multi-tactile interface – inhabited by aquatic creatures created by Leïla Jaquet in collaboration with Stanislas Bernatt (HEAD–Geneva/Media Design). By placing their iPhone on the interface, visitors see the behaviour of the […]

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10 August, 2010

Multi-touch demo reel

Project: Mur Communicant Workshops: DataFlow (7-11.6.2010), Communication (23.3-2.4.2010), Toucher (8-19.2.2010), Mobilité (1-5.12.2009) Partners: Seconde Nature + FING + PACA Labs + ZINC + Digital Deluxe + villes d’Aix-en-Provence et de Marseille Participants: Atelier Hypermédia ESAA + Studio Lentigo ENSBAM + École Spéciale d’Architecture + École National Supérieure des Arts Décoratives + Media Design HEAD Technical Collaboration: Guillaume Stagnaro, Elizabeth Guyon, Stéphane Cousot, Pascal Chirol, Julien Gachadoat, Memo Akten Development Platforms: OpenFrameworks, Processing, PureData, OpenCV, OpenSoundControl, TUIO, launchd Over the past year I have been working for Seconde Nature designing a public multi-touch platform via my Atelier Hypermédia in Aix-en-Provence. It’s […]

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20 January, 2010

Video Gamerz’05

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Quick post to link up to the Gamerz 05 video that just went live and where you’ll find a few seconds of my bitPong installation. I also shot my own video of the piece, in which I take advantage of this little known device called a tripod, but since I still haven’t had the time to edit it I shouldn’t complain. When I finally find the time to link up the gazillion things I’m working on right now, you’ll hopefully understand why the silent treatment. Until then, here’s the video, with some of that all-around-sloppy-soup that we have come to […]

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26 November, 2009


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Installation: bitPong Concept + Development: Douglas Edric Stanley Platform: Hypertable | iPhone | iPad Development Platforms: Processing, Wiring Location: Fondation Vasarely, Aix-en-Provence (map) Festival: Gamerz.05 Dates: 26 november – 4 december 2009 Times: 10h – 13h / 14h – 17h I have finally found a venue to show a decent working version of bitPong, a piece I created some time ago when I was still working on the close relationship with phsyical implementations of data and their aesthetic consequences. The idea is simple: a two-player game, based on the uber-referenced Pong, here played with 8-bit controllers. When we say « […]

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17 November, 2008

The Monstruous Image

Biennale: Figures of Interactivity Symposium: Cinema, interactivity and society Venue: TAP, Poitiers, France Dates: November 19-21, 2008 Schedule Speakers: Hubertus Von Amelunxen, Bertrand Augereau, Jacques Aumont, Yves Bernard, Samuel Bianchini, Jean-Louis Boissier, Victor Burgin, Jean-Claude Bustros, Jim Campbell, Luc Courchesne, Frédéric Curien, Jean-Marie Dallet, Anne-Marie Duguet, Masaki Fujihata, Thierry Guibert, Christian Laroche, Georges Legrady, Alain Liedts, Julien Maire, Denis Mellier, Stephan Natkin, Bernard Perron, Louise Poissant, Yannick Prié, Vincent Puig, Jeffrey Shaw, Douglas Edric Stanley, Bernard Stiegler, Steina Vasulka, Gwenola Wagon, Gene Youngblood I’ll be travelling tomorrow to Poitiers for what looks like a very rich roster of speakers discussing… […]

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24 October, 2008

Weekend Update Giant Megapixel Touch-Map

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 Taking the piss out of multi-touch. You’ll have to forward about 01:30 in to see the « touch-map » :

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12 July, 2008

OpenCV for Processing v01

Software: OpenCV Library platforms: Mac OS X | Linux | Windows Design & Development: Stéphane Cousot, Douglas Edric Stanley Release date: July, 2008 Development platform: Processing OpenCV For Processing is an open-source library for integrating basic computer vision analysis and tracking within the Processing environment. It simplifies access to the powerful OpenCV library and offers a Java/JNI wrapper for artists, designers and multimedia developers looking to integrate OpenCV into their project. OpenCV Pour Processing est une librairie open-source permettant de l’analyse et de la reconnaissance basique à l’intérieur de l’environment de création, Processing. La bibliothèque simplifie l’intégration d’une librairie puissante […]

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19 August, 2006

docs > zeroone > abstractmachine > 87D6

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Here are some pictures from the abstractmachine installation at the ZeroOne Festival.

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8 August, 2006


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Installation: abstractmachine.v87D6 Concept & Development: Douglas Edric Stanley Exhibition: Transvergence Festival: ZeroOne: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge Dates: 8-13 August, 2006 Times: 12:00-24:00 Tuesday; 12:00-22:00 Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday; 12:00-17:00 Sunday Location: South Hall Project information: abstractmachine.v87D6 The abstractmachine is setup in San Jose, there is a breakcore Rubik’s Cube® kicking out the jams, a programmable video mosaic recorder is open for public abuse, and the Hypertable is unleashing a non-linear interactive documentary containing a telepathic virus. We’re setup in the main exhibition hall for the festival, South Hall. Oh, I should also mention something after having […]

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5 July, 2006

Punkoid Distorted Donkey Kong, Abstract Football, Deviant Rainbows and Infernal Machines

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Ok, so 8=8 has returned back from Nantes. Ooops! That was a mistake! Scopitone is one of those amateurist multimedia festivals I have been complaining about recently. Actually, the festival is broken into two, with the whimpy multimedia selection during the day coupled with a brilliant and adventerous musical lineup at night. So it’s basically one of the best French festivals for electronic music with one of the crappiest non-selections of multimedia art. I don’t know what went wrong, but after five years you either have it or you don’t. If this year is any indication, they definitely have it […]

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26 June, 2006


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Concert: 8=8=Les Joueurs de cartes Concept + Design: Nao, TM, JankenPopp, abstractmachine Festival: Scopitone Dates: 30 June 2006 + 1 July 2006 Times: 11h30 & 17h (2 performances per day) Location: Atelier & Chantiers de Nantes (+info) Direct link: 8=8 Video: 8=8 demo @ YouTube As previously mentioned, the performance schedule was ”to be announced”. It turns out we will be performing at 11h30 and at 17h for the two days of the festival.

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19 June, 2006

8=8 @ Scopitone

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Concert: 8=8=Les Joueurs de cartes Concept + Design: Nao, TM, JankenPopp, abstractmachine Festival: Scopitone Dates: 30 June 2006 + 1 July 2006 Times: 11h30 & 17h (2 performances per day) Location: Atelier & Chantiers de Nantes (+info) Direct link: 8=8 Video: 8=8 demo @ YouTube We will performing the 8=8=Lesjoueursde_cartes again, this time at the Scopitone festival in Nantes, France (don’t mind the horrid website design, they are actually really nice people). Unfortunately we will be performing in the afternoon (*update: performances at 11h30 and 17h on both days), rather than in the evening with the truly hep cats such […]

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5 June, 2006


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This is just a quick post to thank the indefatigable Régine Débatty for giving me a chance to rant against the French and exploitive media art festivals over at we-make-money-not-art. I probably said a few things that will come back to haunt me, but what the hell. At least I was able to discuss a little where I’m going with my current research, and to make yet another plug for Processing and explain why it is good for art schools (as if you haven’t heard by now). [Link]

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15 January, 2006

Hypertable friends

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I’ve often pointed out to people that credit me for my Hypertable that in fact there have been many other attempts at interactive tabletops. Although I’m particularly happy with my configuration (very collective, intuitive, no need for gadgets, etc) there have been many others. My little list of influences went as follows: Myron Kruger Diller+Scofidio’s Indigestion Ping Pong Plus Sommerer+Mignonneau’s A-Volve Michael Naimark Jean-Louis Boissier Laboratoire Esthétique de l’interactivté Masaki Fujihata Art+Com Knowbotic Research Over at Pasta and Vinegar they came up with a different list of Interactive tables. Their list is a lot larger, but far from complete. There […]

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23 November, 2005

instruments + plateformes interactives

presentation: instruments + plateformes interactives speaker: Douglas Edric Stanley conference: Symposium Audio/Espaces/Réseaux organizers: Locus Sonus pdf: destanley.pdf This is a recording of my presentation during the Symposium Audio/Espaces/Réseaux organized by Locus Sonus. In the accompagnying pdf file (destanley.pdf) you will find links to all of the films and interactive animations described during the talk. This talk is in French (why the hell am I writing this in English? I have no idea)

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9 October, 2005


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Concert: 8=8=Les Joueurs de cartes Concept + Design: Nao, TM, JankenPopp, Abstractmachine Festival: Arborescence Location: Le cabaret aléatoire, Friche bel de mai, Marseille Date: 8 Octobre 2005. 22:30:00 sharp Photos + Video: 8=8 rehearsal video with photos 8=8 is a group of four programmers = four performers = four artists. We each built our own program for my Hypertable platform, then created a program that would group them together for a public performance. The performers/programmers/artists = Naoyuki Tanaka a.k.a. Nao, Pierre-Erick Lefebvre a.k.a. JankenPopp, Thomas Michalak a.k.a. TM, and me. All of us are or have been a part of […]

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23 May, 2005


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Workshop: Objets orientés-objet (le cas de Hypertable) Artist: Douglas Edric Stanley Location: Haute Ecole d’Arts Appliqués, Geneva Date: 18-21 May, 2005 I just finished a successful 4-day workshop at the Haute Ecole d’Arts Appliqués in Geneva. It’s the second workshop I’ve held there, and my third visit. As always, it was a great pleasure, and I love Geneva. We also got dragged to a few interresting spots in the evening. The original proposal was to take bits of a research proposal (Objets orientés-objet) I had defended at the Aix-en-Provence School of Art that failed to get adequate funding. Finally, we […]

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10 January, 2005

The Signal

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The exhibit at the Centre Pompidou is over. The Signal was a very popular installation. I’ve had some interesting reactions. Before it was too late, I made a little document of the installation which you can watch in mp4 format. The Signal (mp4 video) Model: Vincent Voisin Here are some pictures Julien Hô Kim took during the opening: Here’s a little visitor I saw on one of the last days :

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30 November, 2004

Little Red Riding Hood

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Installation: Le petit chaperon rouge interactif Concept+Design: Alexis Amen & Douglas Edric Stanley Exhibition: Salon du livre et de la presse de jeunesse Producer: Opixido Location: Paris Date: 24 November – 29 November, 2004 Photos + Video: Le petit chaperon interactif Here is a link to an installation that Alexis Amen and I finished for the “Salon du livre et de la presse de jeunesse” in the Paris neighborhood of Montreuil. At Alexis’ request, the Hypertable was turned into an interactive story illustrating different renditions of Little Red Riding Hood. It was a youth-oriented installation, which was interresting for me […]

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22 September, 2004

The Signal

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Installation: The Signal Concept+Design: Douglas Edric Stanley Sound Design: Julien Hô Kim Exhibition: Écoute Location: Centre Georges Pompidou Reception: September 21, 2004. 17h00 Dates: September 22, 2004 to January 17, 2005. 11h – 19h. Closed on Tuesdays Curator: Boris Tissot Video: The Signal “The Signal” is a unique audiovisual narrative, designed specifically for the Abstract Machine Hypertable. It maps the mysterious chain of infections that led to a poorly documented telepathic virus that spread throughout the United States of America in a historical period not so far removed from our own. Traces of this virus have been found in the […]

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5 March, 2004

Concrescence @ Nemo

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Installation: Concrescence Concept+Design: Douglas Edric Stanley Exhibition: Féstival Némo Location: Paris, Forum des Halles Dates: March 9 – March 14, 2004 Video: Concrescence Video Documentation (mp4) If you are in Paris this week, I will be re-presenting last September’s prototype at the exhibition Némo while awaiting the first work to use the system at the Pompidou Center which won’t be ready until October. The opening is monday night. I don’t know how good the festival is going to be, but at least there is going to be some Bokanowski, and an evening of “Trash Nights at Némo” with Portugese trash-art […]

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26 September, 2003

Hypercinema article

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In today’s edition of the French newspaper Libération, Marie Lechner published a review of our exhibition. She had nice things to say about my installation. Parallèlement au très pointu colloque scientifique H2ptm (un jargon barbare pour hypertextes, hypermédias, produits, techniques et méthodes) qui s’achève aujourd’hui à l’université Paris-VIII, le département hypermédia propose au grand public une extension artistique et pédagogique, avec ateliers, performances (lire agenda ci-contre) et exposition d’installations interactives. Projets aboutis ou prototypes, nombre d’entre eux flirtent avec le cinéma et la notion de spectateur. Comme le prometteur Concrescence , de Douglas Edric Stanley, un dispositif de «cinéma algorithmique». […]

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22 September, 2003

Concrescence @ H2PTM

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Installation: Concrescence Concept+Design: Douglas Edric Stanley Exhibition: Créer du sens à l’ère numérique Location: H2PTM, Saint-Denis, Paris Dates: 24, 25, 26 September, 2003 Assistant: Pierre-Erick Lefebvre Co-producer: CIREN, MSH Paris-Nord Video: Concrescence Video Documentation (mp4) I will be presenting a prototype for an interactive and algorithmic cinema platform, entitled Concrescence. The Concrescence project aims to build a non-linear cinema platform that allows for exploring moving images dynamically. It is both an authoring system, an editing suite, and a projection space. A specific form, the Hypertable, was built for it, allowing users to interact with the complex narrative suites in a […]

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