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Temporal divergence

Installation: « Bohlen’s Experiment No.1 » Concept+Development: Douglas Edric Stanley Technical platform: OpenFrameworks + PaulStretch + Arduino Event: 8° Encontro Internacional de Arte e Tecnologia Exhibtion: « Instinto computacional » Curator: Suzete Venturelli Location: UNB Gallery (September 2009) / Museu Nacional da República (TBA)… Continue Reading →


This nice post over at Music Thing about my Rubik’s Cube project has lead to a lot of traffik and linking (cf. here and here, for example). I’ve been a Music Thing reader for years, so that was nice to… Continue Reading →


I’m preparing for my presentation on Processing this Sunday at Flash Festival 2007. For this conference I’ve adapted a very sturdy presentation system I started in Lingo way back in 2000. The conversion has been relatively painless, except for the… Continue Reading →

Apple…meet Ralph Baer

Above are some images of an Apple patent which have just been published by the US Patent Office. It’s an interresting idea: a touch-pad, just like the current Apple trackpad, or a touchable-screen, as in the rumored touch-screen iPod, but… Continue Reading →

instruments + plateformes interactives

presentation: instruments + plateformes interactives speaker: Douglas Edric Stanley conference: Symposium Audio/Espaces/Réseaux organizers: Locus Sonus pdf: destanley.pdf This is a recording of my presentation during the Symposium Audio/Espaces/Réseaux organized by Locus Sonus. In the accompagnying pdf file (destanley.pdf) you will… Continue Reading →