29 June, 2011

(char)playable podcast

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Invaders! @ Leipzig

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2 June, 2009

Sirènes et blablabla

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Conference : Création : de l’idée à sa réalisation — Comment artistes et techniciens travaillent-ils ensemble ? Speakers : Mathieu Audejean et Angela Frères (Les Fabricateurs / Panem et circenses), Pierre Andrac et Jany Jérémie (Lieux publics et Cie), Douglas Edric Stanley (École des beaux arts d’Aix-en-Provence) Moderator : Marc Voiry Conference series : Sirènes et blablabla Location : Palais Longchamp, Marseille, France Date & Time : Wednesday, 3 June 2009, 18:00 Live radio broadcast : Radio Grenouille 88.8, Marseille Live stream : Radio Grenouille Tomorrow I’ll be taking part in a radio debate on the subject of collaboration between […]

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28 May, 2009


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Presentation: WJ-Spots #1 Speakers: Aliette Guibert, Agnès de Cayeux, Anne Laforet, Anne-Marie Morice, Annick Rivoire, Annie Abrahams, Antoine Schmitt, Bruno Alacoque, Albertine Meunier, Christophe Bruno, Cyrille Thomas, David Guez, David-Olivier Lartigaud, Douglas Edric Stanley, Elisabeth Klimoff, Emmanuel Verges, Eléonore Hellio, Erik Minkkinen, Etienne Cliquet, Fred Forest, Grégoire Courtois aka Troudair, Gregory Chatonski, Isabelle Arvers, Ivan Chabanaud, Jacques Perconte, Jérôme Joy, Jocelyne Quelo, Joelle Bitton, Julie Morel, Lucille Calmel, Margherita Balzerani, Martine Neddam aka Mouchette, Nathalie Magnan, Nicolas Frespech, Nicolas Horber, Nicolas Maigret, Olga Kisseleva, Olivier Auber, Olivier Forest, Olivier Legal & Vincent Voillat et David Georges-François, Peter Sinclair, RYBN, APO33, […]

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13 May, 2009


Conférence: Simon Doury, Béatrice Lartigue, Étienne Mineur, Douglas Edric Stanley Exhibition: « Code_source » Venue: L’encroyable, Entrepôt de la Sernam, Chaumont When: Saturday, 16 May 2009, 19h30 Festival: Féstival international de l’affiche et du graphisme de Chaumont, 2009 Article: Étapes:168 On Saturday, I’ll be speaking at « code_source », an exhibit organized by Etienne Mineur (cf. Incandescence) as part of the Féstival international de l’affiche et du graphisme de Chaumont. The exhibit will attack the question « what is interaction design? » through a historical survey of software, hardware, theoretical productions and games from this still-emerging field. There will also be a section […]

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7 March, 2009

Invaders! video

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Some time has passed since my Invaders! installation started something of a $#!¥storm back in August at the Leipzig Games Convention. I tried to give the piece some context and gave a few interviews to responsible journalists, but ultimately the whole thing just blew up as people lost all sense of scale and started taking for granted all sorts of assumptions about the work. Ok, so that’s the backstory, and you can think of all that what you will. But now that hipster pop acts such as Röyksopp are reportedly referencing the work (I have my doubts) and given that […]

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Ethical dilemma

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I just noticed that an interview I conducted a few days ago has gone up on Weecast: Interview de Douglas Edric Stanley, professeur d’art numérique. It’s in French (désolé pour ceux qui n’en parlent pas) and it handles the usual suspects (code, teaching, gaming, and on-line tutorials). As it turns out, a lot of people use my cours sur la programmation dans Processing. So Weecast wanted me to talk about them and tried to convince me to make some videos for their site which is all about online tutorials (en français, sorry). Just last week I had people from Brazil, […]

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8 January, 2008


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I ran into the organizers of the Gamerz exhibit this evening on my way back from the workshop. They asked, « Did you see ? » « See what ? » « Your interview in Joystick magazine! » Cringe… Oh god, I’d forgotten about that. Then they really started to laugh as they realized that I hadn’t seen the picture they used. « Well, you’ve got a big picture in there with a funny helmet on your head ». Oh my. I forgot that anyone who wants to can grab my pictures off flickr, which is actually a pretty good thing for my ego now that I think about it. […]

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25 January, 2007


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Program: Partage du savoir, privatisation des connaissances Radio Station: Radio Grenouille 88.8, Marseille Times & Dates: 18h, Monday January 29th; 18h, Tuesday January 30th; 18h, Wednesday January 31st Speakers: Jean Cristofol, Douglas Edric Stanley, Paul Devautour (Art et propriété intellectuelle); Emmanuel Vergès, Philippe Aigrain, François Deck (Société de l’information et économie de l’immatériel); Fabienne Orsi, Jean Cristofol, Bertrand Jordan (Appropriation du vivant) I already mentioned this back in December, but Radio Grenouille recorded several speakers from the series of conferences organized by Jean Cristofol entitled Partage du savoir, privatisation de la connaissance. Those recordings have now been edited and will […]

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18 December, 2006

while(!finished) {

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Lame coder’s joke, okay, but it’s just to give notice that I really am busy right now and won’t be posting much during the holidays. It’s the last rush to finish my thesis which will be added to this space when it’s done. You can also follow progress on individual sections via the various links above. It’s a little sad: back when I was studying philosophy, literature and all things wordly I used to be quite prolific; I even wrote a novel (egad!). Writing was such a pleasure then and I did it every day, often for long hours at […]

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2 December, 2006


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I’ve just come back home from ENIAROF. As people say here in France, « c’était énorme » (and in fact we heard quite a few people say it on their way out). If you’re anywhere near Aix-en-Provence tomorrow, you really should drop by. 16h00 -> 23h00, and probably later into the night ;-) It costs anywhere from 1€ to 6€, depending on the roll of the dice. And you get a special prize of course if you roll a six. I don’t know how to blog it without sounding full of myself (what’s new, right?), but this year’s ENIAROF is just […]

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22 October, 2006

Canal+ appearance

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TV Show: Tentations.06 Station: Canal+ Date: 4 November, 2006 Time: 12h05 – ??? Christophe Ecoffet sent me an email to let me know that the documentary he recently produced on Régine Débatty’s visit to Villette Numérique 2006 will be aired on November 4th some time after noon. It is only a 4-minute documentary fit into an hour-long show, so don’t be suprised if you have to wait until the end of the show to catch Régine. I have no idea how I’m going to record it, because my digital recorder only works on over-the-air digital, and I just realized that […]

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21 August, 2006

artfuture cubed demo

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As usual, all the interresting journalists at ZeroOne were bloggers (i.e. all the interresting journalists weren’t journalists). Among them was Alexa from Art Future, who just uploaded this video she took during the festival. You can check it out here, or over at her YouTube account where she has a few other videos taken during the festival [link]. If you want more info on this system, check out the information on the following link: Cubed. Soooooooo my demo is a little cheesy, and as usual I stutter a bit, wave my arms about a lot, and repeat myself repeat myself […]

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5 June, 2006


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This is just a quick post to thank the indefatigable Régine Débatty for giving me a chance to rant against the French and exploitive media art festivals over at we-make-money-not-art. I probably said a few things that will come back to haunt me, but what the hell. At least I was able to discuss a little where I’m going with my current research, and to make yet another plug for Processing and explain why it is good for art schools (as if you haven’t heard by now). [Link]

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