6 March, 2014

The Card Players

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Over the past few months, in preparation for our Book of Eniarof crowdfunding campaign, we have been exploring the use of playing cards as a method for designing and developing games, concepts, attractions, and playful art objects of various ilk.

Hypercartes Hypercartes

There is a curious sub-history of the use of playing cards in artistic production; it is one of the more interesting of the obscure subjects of art, but can also become the objet d’art itself (play as œuvre).

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4 April, 2013

UCLA Gamelab

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Benjamin Gattet, Workshop UCLA Game Lab + HEAD Media Design Tyler Stefanich, Workshop UCLA Game Lab + HEAD Media Design Workshop UCLA Game Lab + HEAD Media Design

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28 January, 2013


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11 November, 2012

Artifactual Playground

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In 1958, the American physicist William Higinbotham created what is one of the first instances of what we would today call a modern “video game”. The game, named Tennis For Two, was built at the Brookhaven National Laboratory for their yearly open-house presentations of the lab’s activities. The game was built using an oscilloscope and a programmable analog computer, the Donner Model 30. It simulated a simple tennis match between two players, with a sideways perspective of the net and a ball bouncing back and forth, controlled by two player-manipulated inputs.

Proteus Proteus /clouds/

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20 August, 2012

The IOC And Me

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24 July, 2012

Swiss Game Lounge

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MIMICRY – Emilie Tappolet & Raphaël Muñoz from Media Design HEAD – Genève on Vimeo.

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24 May, 2012


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10 October, 2011

Le passager futé

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Le passager futé (Geek Run adaptation) from apelab on Vimeo.

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29 June, 2011

(char)playable podcast

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Invaders! @ Leipzig

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13 December, 2010

l’esthétique ludique

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Conférence : « Vers une esthétique ludique » Conférencier : Douglas Edric Stanley Date & heure : 10h45-12h00, mardi le 14 décembre 2010 Lieu: Amphithéâtre, L’école supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence, map Live stream : SelfWorld dans le cadre du Festival Gamerz’06 update l’enregistrement de la conférence se trouve ici : Gamerz 06 Conférences Les organisateurs du Festival Gamerz’06 m’ont rajouté à la dernière minute (!?) dans la liste des conférences qui auront lieu cette semaine à L’école supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence. Je parlerai juste après l’introduction du festival. Je reviendrai, entre autres, sur les rapports entre jeux vidéo et la création artistique, et plus […]

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3 December, 2010


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Installation: Traks Concept+Developement: Douglas Edric Stanley Platform: iPad Development platform: OpenFrameworks Exhibition: Gamerz 06 (site uses Flash) Dates: 3-16 December, 2010 Time: 14:00 – 19:00 Venue: Seconde Nature Location: 27 B Rue 11 Novembre, 13090 Aix-en-Provence, France Traks is a combinatorial sound toy. Mixing model railroads and 1960′s minimalist composition, Traks allows players to build up circular networks of bifurcating rails that branch out into both simple and complex combinations of musical possibility. By placing notes, “tranes”, and semaphores into this ludic rail yard, a modular melody emerges, otherwise known as algorithmic music. Traks will be exhibited at the Festival […]

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22 November, 2010


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Update (22/11/2010). This exhibit has just been extended for another 6 months, due to it’s popularity. Exhibit: Museo Games Location: Musée des Arts et métiers, Paris Map: 60 Rue Réaumur 75003 Paris Curators: Pierre Giner, Stéphane Natkin, Loïc Petitgirard Scenography: Traffik Editorial content: Annick Rivoire Date+Time: 22 June 2010 – 13 March 2011; 10h-18h; Closed on Mondays Interviews: Game History: Nicolas Nova, Philippe Dubois, Stéphane Natkin Game Industry: Sophie Pène, Peter Molyneux, David Cage, Hideo Kojima, Philippe Ulrich Game Culture: Isabelle Arvers, Olivier Séguret, Douglas Edric Stanley, Invader Game Users: Frédérick Raynal, Milad Doueihi, Laurent Trémel, Gonzalo Frasca Conférences: Jeudi […]

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20 January, 2010

Video Gamerz’05

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Quick post to link up to the Gamerz 05 video that just went live and where you’ll find a few seconds of my bitPong installation. I also shot my own video of the piece, in which I take advantage of this little known device called a tripod, but since I still haven’t had the time to edit it I shouldn’t complain. When I finally find the time to link up the gazillion things I’m working on right now, you’ll hopefully understand why the silent treatment. Until then, here’s the video, with some of that all-around-sloppy-soup that we have come to […]

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26 November, 2009


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Installation: bitPong Concept + Development: Douglas Edric Stanley Platform: Hypertable | iPhone | iPad Development Platforms: Processing, Wiring Location: Fondation Vasarely, Aix-en-Provence (map) Festival: Gamerz.05 Dates: 26 november – 4 december 2009 Times: 10h – 13h / 14h – 17h I have finally found a venue to show a decent working version of bitPong, a piece I created some time ago when I was still working on the close relationship with phsyical implementations of data and their aesthetic consequences. The idea is simple: a two-player game, based on the uber-referenced Pong, here played with 8-bit controllers. When we say « […]

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7 March, 2009

Invaders! video

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Some time has passed since my Invaders! installation started something of a $#!¥storm back in August at the Leipzig Games Convention. I tried to give the piece some context and gave a few interviews to responsible journalists, but ultimately the whole thing just blew up as people lost all sense of scale and started taking for granted all sorts of assumptions about the work. Ok, so that’s the backstory, and you can think of all that what you will. But now that hipster pop acts such as Röyksopp are reportedly referencing the work (I have my doubts) and given that […]

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6 March, 2009

Horse Simulator

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Attraction: Henniraof Design & Development: Lola & Douglas Edric Stanley Festival: Eniarof 0.4 Dates: 27 + 28 March, 2009 Times: 18:00 – 24:00 Location: l’École supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence Software: Henniraof.zip (Mac OS X) Development platform: OpenFrameworks Antonin Fourneau and I are gearing up for the next Eniarof which begins construction next Monday and will open March 27th and 28th for two evenings of fun (18h-24h), open of course to any and all publics (animal, mineral, vegetable, fantasmagorical, whatever). I’ll post more at a later date concerning Eniarof itself, what it is, etc, but for the moment I will simply mention […]

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26 January, 2009

Festival Gamerz 04

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Exhibition: Festival Gamerz 04 Curators: Isabelle Arvers, Quentin Destieu, Romain Senatore Production: M2F Créations / Dardex Mort2Faim Sites: La scène numérique (Seconde Nature), l’École supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence, Galérie Sextius, Aix-en-Provence, France Dates: 6 January – 8 February 2009 Time: 14h-19h Artists: Lionnel Scoccimaro (Fr), Axel Stockburger (At), France Cadet (Fr), Pascal Silondi (Cz), Colson Wood (USA) & Monsieur Moo (Fr), Antonin Fourneau (Fr), Collectif Dardex-Mort2faim (Fr), Ivan Chabanaud (Fr), Damien Berthier (Fr), Paul Destieu (Fr), Pierrick Thébault (Fr), Djeff Regottaz (Fr), Loïc Horellou (Fr), Manuel Braun (Fr), Virgine Le Gall (Fr), Fenshu (Uk), Confipop (Fr), Jane Antoniontti (Atelier hypermédia de […]

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1 December, 2008


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Presentation: abstractmachine.vb7d8 Speaker: Douglas Edric Stanley Venue: Haute École d’Art et de Design Genève, Geneva, Switzerland Department: CCC Dates: 3 décembre, 2008 Time: 9h-12h / 14h-17h I’ll be heading to Geneva tomorrow for a talk on Wednesday morning, followed by a mini-workshop in the afternoon at the CCC. We will be discussing the role of algorithms, software, and machines in the changing political landscape of our contemporary societies. There will obviously be some discussion of code and hacking in there, but I also want to discuss the role I think games and/or « electronic ludism » (i.e. the larger context of play […]

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17 November, 2008

The Monstruous Image

Biennale: Figures of Interactivity Symposium: Cinema, interactivity and society Venue: TAP, Poitiers, France Dates: November 19-21, 2008 Schedule Speakers: Hubertus Von Amelunxen, Bertrand Augereau, Jacques Aumont, Yves Bernard, Samuel Bianchini, Jean-Louis Boissier, Victor Burgin, Jean-Claude Bustros, Jim Campbell, Luc Courchesne, Frédéric Curien, Jean-Marie Dallet, Anne-Marie Duguet, Masaki Fujihata, Thierry Guibert, Christian Laroche, Georges Legrady, Alain Liedts, Julien Maire, Denis Mellier, Stephan Natkin, Bernard Perron, Louise Poissant, Yannick Prié, Vincent Puig, Jeffrey Shaw, Douglas Edric Stanley, Bernard Stiegler, Steina Vasulka, Gwenola Wagon, Gene Youngblood I’ll be travelling tomorrow to Poitiers for what looks like a very rich roster of speakers discussing… […]

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25 October, 2008

Terror aus den Wolken

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Last week Gee Magazine sent me this copy of their magazine with a short article based on an interview I gave them a few weeks back. It’s a minor article — this interview with Marie Lechner from Libération is far more complete — but from what I can understand from my weak German, it appears accurate. Here is a link from Spiegel Online of the same article but rebranded.

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17 August, 2008


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Installation: Invaders! Concept & Development: Douglas Edric Stanley Assistant: Stéphane Cousot Development Library : OpenFrameworks Exhibition: Games Convention GC ART Special: From Outer Space / Space Invaders: the Anniversary Show / 30 Years of Space Invaders Curator: Andreas Lange, Computer Spiele Museum Location: Leipziger Messe GmbH, Hall 2, Stand H11 Dates: 21-24, August 2008 Video: Invaders! (Leipzig), Invaders! (From the Gameworld exhibition, Laboral, Gijòn, Spain) Last update 01/09/2008 (see below). See also my attempt at context. Update (24/08) : If you haven’t heard, this piece has stirred quite a controvery. I’m keeping the comments open for people to opine in […]

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12 July, 2008

OpenCV for Processing v01

Software: OpenCV Library platforms: Mac OS X | Linux | Windows Design & Development: Stéphane Cousot, Douglas Edric Stanley Release date: July, 2008 Development platform: Processing OpenCV For Processing is an open-source library for integrating basic computer vision analysis and tracking within the Processing environment. It simplifies access to the powerful OpenCV library and offers a Java/JNI wrapper for artists, designers and multimedia developers looking to integrate OpenCV into their project. OpenCV Pour Processing est une librairie open-source permettant de l’analyse et de la reconnaissance basique à l’intérieur de l’environment de création, Processing. La bibliothèque simplifie l’intégration d’une librairie puissante […]

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7 December, 2007


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Installation: ^3 Artist: Douglas Edric Stanley Exhibition: Les Pixels (2) Location: ASCA, Beauvais, France (Map) Dates: December 7-21, 2007 Quick post for one of the quickest exhibits I’ve ever had to prepare. I’ll be exhibiting ^3 (aka Cubed) at Les Pixels, an exhibition that opens in Beauvais today. Where’s Beauvais you ask? I have no idea, but who the hell cares when it’s THE authentic « Ville Internet @@@@ 2007 » ? (Love that logo!) It’s a tiny festival, by a young non-profit with the right attitude, so I said what the hell. Who needs sleep anyway?

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17 April, 2007


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Eddo Stern just posted the video we shot of his installation Darkgame. This is phase two of what looks to be a very intense game. I’m impressed with the game’s development roadmap, but I’ll let Eddo talk more about it when he’s ready. It should be very cool.

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12 April, 2007

Gameworld / Feedback / Labcyberspaces

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I have just uploaded onto YouTube three videos documenting the three concurrent exhibitions (Feedback, Gameworld, Labcyberspaces) opening the new Laboral Centre de Arte in Gijón, Spain (March 30 – June 30, 2007). I have also included a short video documenting in more detail my installation Invaders! which is part of the Gameworld exhibition. This is a site-specific installation that I coded from scratch in just a few days using the Processing programming environment. In this video I’ve added some extra footage of the tracking software at work: I’m obviously privileging my own work in the Gameworld video (hey, get your […]

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30 March, 2007


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So I’m back in my hotel taking a quick pause before heading back to this huge exhibition, where I plan to finish filming the other installations. They apparently see things in a big way here, although I doubt how long they can keep it running at this scale. To give just one example: various persona from the digital arts community were flown in from all over the world, just to be here for the opening, instantly giving it the feel of one of those internationale festivals where you meet all the same people over and over again. And then there […]

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25 March, 2007


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Exhibition: Gameworld Location: Laboral Centro de arte, Gijon, Spain Dates: 30 march, 2007 – 30 June, 2007 Curator: Carl Goodman Associate Curator: Daphne Dragona Curatorial Advisors: Chris Burke, Alexander Galloway, Henry Lowood, Julian Oliver, Helen Stuckey Games: Spacewar (Graetz, Russell, Wiitanen); Star Raiders (Doug Neubauer); Zork (Marc Blank & Dave Lebling); Tetris (Alexey Pajitnov); Civilization I & II (Sid Meier): Sim City (Will Wright); Super Mario 3 (Shigeru Miyamoto – Nintendo); Warcraft series (Blizzard Entertainment); Doom (ID Software); Sensible World of Soccer (John Hare – Sensible Software) Experimental: Flow (Jenova Chen, Kellee Santiago); We Love Katamari (Keita Takahashi – Namco); […]

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16 March, 2007

Culture du cœur

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Workshop: Entre art et société, quelles rencontres ? Atelier n°2: Pierre-Emmanuel Reviron, Douglas Edric Stanley Date: March 16th, 2007 Time: 10h00 – 12h30 / 14h00 – 17h00 Location: Friche bel de mai Delphine Soulié of Culture du Cœur 13 has invited Pierre-Emmanuel and me to run a short workshop tomorrow (oh crap, make that today — there goes a few more hours of precious sleep). We will be working with their « cultural mediators » on possible articulations between artists, the public, networks, structures, etc. I’m purposefully being pretty vague here because I want to keep the discussion as open as possible. […]

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6 December, 2006

ENIAROF 0.2, fin

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We’re still waiting for some stragglers, but here are some of the videos we have online from the ENIAROF group on YouTube and the ENIAROF Pool on Flickr. For more information on ENIAROF, read this article by Marie Lechner (Les nouvelles lois de l’attraction, or translated into English: The New Laws of Attraction), or visit the ENIAROF Blog. Most of the electronic work you see here is the result of a two-week workshop using Processing, Arduino, and Wiring. The rest are propositions by various artists and contributors to ENIAROF, for example Dekalko Studio, M2F, or a theatre troupe/military camp from […]

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4 December, 2006

Gameboy vs. ENIAROF

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I’m madly editing videos and posting them on the ENIAROF account on YouTube. When I’m finished, I’ll post them all here. Videos from the other attractions, for example from the AmaZiNg mUd wResTlInG or the Cabaret Cui Cui will be posted by other ENIAROFers on the same account. We have also started an ENIAROF Flickr pool and people have started adding their photos. While you wait for all that wonderful media, you can amuse yourself here with the ENIAROF 0.2 Video Arcade Emulator. You can play it directly online here (link), just scroll down to « ENIAROF 0.2 Video Arcade Emulator » […]

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