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Invaders! @ Leipzig

Le mythe de la mite

Algorithmic Writing Systems

Several people asked me to post a copy of my talk from the Art-Oriented Programming conference (cf. Art-Oriented Programming++). As I mentioned at the opening of my talk, the conference itself was organized on such short notice that I had… Continue Reading →

Complexity and Gestalt

I’ve been experimenting with the idea of complexity recently, and over the past few hours with Gestalt-esque tensions between form recognition and visual overload. This is related to a series of questions I’ve been asking myself about the relationship between… Continue Reading →

livecoding au Quai

workshop: livecode artist : Douglas Edric Stanley organizer : Jeff Guess location : Le Quai, Mulhouse, France participants : Benjamin Balzer, Jonathan Fleith, Charly Murté, Olivier Munsch, Julien Pauthier, Julia Rychewaert Here are pictures + video from the workshop I… Continue Reading →

instruments + plateformes interactives

presentation: instruments + plateformes interactives speaker: Douglas Edric Stanley conference: Symposium Audio/Espaces/Réseaux organizers: Locus Sonus pdf: destanley.pdf This is a recording of my presentation during the Symposium Audio/Espaces/Réseaux organized by Locus Sonus. In the accompagnying pdf file (destanley.pdf) you will… Continue Reading →

The Signal

Installation: The Signal Concept+Design: Douglas Edric Stanley Sound Design: Julien Hô Kim Exhibition: Écoute Location: Centre Georges Pompidou Reception: September 21, 2004. 17h00 Dates: September 22, 2004 to January 17, 2005. 11h – 19h. Closed on Tuesdays Curator: Boris Tissot… Continue Reading →


Machine: Trane Concept+Development: Douglas Edric Stanley Play! Trane is one of the first components of a larger ongoing project entitled The Abstract Machine. Trane is a collective, algorithmic composition environment. It is also a toy. By laying out tracks, setting… Continue Reading →