“Tout un programme”

So I got another mention in an Annick Rivoire article today, in an article on Art and Code. Actually, the mention came from her interviewee, David-Olivier Lartigaud who made the following comment : A.R.: Pourquoi est-il si difficile de qualifier… Continue Reading →

“Clash Scratch Flash”

I got a brief mention in Annick Rivoire’s article “Clash Scratch Flash” today. We actually planned to meet and discuss my installation more in depth, but for the second time she never showed up. Ah, les journalistes… So all I… Continue Reading →

Hypercinema article

In today’s edition of the French newspaper Libération, Marie Lechner published a review of our exhibition. She had nice things to say about my installation. Parallèlement au très pointu colloque scientifique H2ptm (un jargon barbare pour hypertextes, hypermédias, produits, techniques… Continue Reading →