The Book of ENIAROF

ENIAROF, Guide de bricolage pour fêtes foraines


The IOC And Me

IOC Olympic Village 2013



Nyan Cat Therapy Software

Nyan Cat Therapeutic Software Nyan Cat Therapeutic Software


Citymedia Project & Body Double Workshop – Mapping Festival Profile from mappingfestival on Vimeo.



Installation: Traks Concept+Developement: Douglas Edric Stanley Platform: iPad Development platform: OpenFrameworks Exhibition: Gamerz 06 (site uses Flash) Dates: 3-16 December, 2010 Time: 14:00 – 19:00 Venue: Seconde Nature Location: 27 B Rue 11 Novembre, 13090 Aix-en-Provence, France Traks is a… Continue Reading →


« Scolu » Aquatic creatures on mobile devices designed by Leïla Jaquet 3d modelling by Stanislas Bernatt Master Media Design, HEAD Genève Software development: Pierre Rossel, David Hodgetts, Douglas Edric Stanley Hardware development: Théo Reichel, Leïla Jaquet Software platforms: OpenFrameworks,… Continue Reading →



Pinguino Processing Library

Pinguino Processing Library: Developement: Stéphane Cousot, Jean-Pierre Mandon, Douglas Edric Stanley Hardware: Pinguino, Jean-Pierre Mandon Platforms: Mac OS X | Linux | Windows Pinguino is an electronic hardware prototyping platform, loosely based on the Arduino architecture, using PIC microcontrollers… Continue Reading →


Installation: Invaders! Concept & Development: Douglas Edric Stanley Assistant: Stéphane Cousot Development Library : OpenFrameworks Exhibition: Games Convention GC ART Special: From Outer Space / Space Invaders: the Anniversary Show / 30 Years of Space Invaders Curator: Andreas Lange, Computer… Continue Reading →

OpenCV for Processing v01

Software: OpenCV Library platforms: Mac OS X | Linux | Windows Design & Development: Stéphane Cousot, Douglas Edric Stanley Release date: July, 2008 Development platform: Processing OpenCV For Processing is an open-source library for integrating basic computer vision analysis and… Continue Reading →

New Year’s Deferrals

Software: abstractmachine:crypt Concept: Douglas Edric Stanley & Ragnar Helgi Olafsson Development: Douglas Edric Stanley Platform: web link: abstractmachine:crypt What better way to defer the New Year than to send a message using the abstractmachine:crypt? To use the service, simply enter… Continue Reading →


Installation: ^3, *a.k.a.*3, *a.k.a.* “cubed” Concept+Design: Douglas Edric Stanley Exhibition: ZeroOne San Jose Dates: August 7 – 13, 2006 Platform: web-shockwave Video (via YouTube) : Cubed Demo, Douglas Edric Stanley – Rubik’s Cube DJ ³, a.k.a. ^3, a.k.a. ‘cubed’ is… Continue Reading →

The Signal

Installation: The Signal Concept+Design: Douglas Edric Stanley Sound Design: Julien Hô Kim Exhibition: Écoute Location: Centre Georges Pompidou Reception: September 21, 2004. 17h00 Dates: September 22, 2004 to January 17, 2005. 11h – 19h. Closed on Tuesdays Curator: Boris Tissot… Continue Reading →