28 January, 2013


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24 May, 2012


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1 March, 2012


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+ Demo: ofxSprite
+ Platform: OpenFrameworks
+ Code: SpriteDemo.zip
+ Addons: ofxSpriteManager & ofxAssets

We are currently building a lot of game prototypes as part of our Ünterplay project at the Media Design department of the HEAD —Genève. A lot of these games require sprites of some sort. So here is a simple demo project showing how to integrate ofxSprite into a basic OpenFrameworks project for iOS. This same technique should also work fine on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, as the only other dependency is ofxAssets.

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17 January, 2012

Design Open House

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5 December, 2011


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« Photo/Nykto » is an experimental game conceived by Annelore Schneider and Douglas Edric Stanley as part of the « Unterplay » project at the Master Media Design —HEAD, Genève. It is a game for nyktophobes and photophobes. It is played by switching on and off the lights in order to avoid reaching the edge of the screen. The score increases exponentially near the edges, and speeds up with each change from light to dark and back.

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