The Book of ENIAROF

ENIAROF, Guide de bricolage pour fêtes foraines


Retrocompatible Museum



Snail Run


The Card Players

Caligari Cards

There is a curious sub-history of the use of playing cards in artistic production; it is one of the more interesting of the obscure subjects of art, but can also become the objet d’art itself (play as œuvre).

Graphisme Algorithmique


UCLA Gamelab

Benjamin Gattet, Workshop UCLA Game Lab + HEAD Media Design


Blueprint, Benjamin Gattet, Photo ©Raphaëlle Mueller

Boot Camp

Light & Grow, Solkin Keizer, Seogjun Park, Marion Tamé Light & Grow, Solkin Keizer, Seogjun Park, Marion Tamé


Monster Chef, Marion Bareil & Jostna Kureth, photo © Raphaëlle Mueller

Code Impressions

Code impressions, Julien Gachadoat + Mark Webster

Graphisme génératif

  • Workshop: Graphisme génératif
  • Instructor: Douglas Edric Stanley
  • Location: —HEAD, Genève
  • Date: 31/10/2011-4/11/2011
  • Participants: Julia Garcia, Laura Couto Rosado, Nadezda Suvorova, Camille Dedieu, Roger Guindon, Patrick Donaldson, Kim Andenmatten, Amandine Baud, Annja Müller, Pierre-Alain Schilling, Yann Anspach, Marta Revuelta, Gention Cenko, Marie Rossi, Lucas Bertinotti, Angela Cardona, Emily Bonnet, Jakub Svehla, Laetitia Sejmowski, Jimmy Roura, Camille Rattoni
  • Documentation: Raphaëlle Müller —HEAD

Wsp Graphisme Generatif_HEAD©R.Mueller-3593 Wsp Graphisme Generatif_HEAD©R.Mueller-3594

Whole generation by Pierre-Alain Schilling and Jakub Svehla




Citymedia Project & Body Double Workshop – Mapping Festival Profile from mappingfestival on Vimeo.


Multi-touch demo reel

Project: Mur Communicant Workshops: DataFlow (7-11.6.2010), Communication (23.3-2.4.2010), Toucher (8-19.2.2010), Mobilité (1-5.12.2009) Partners: Seconde Nature + FING + PACA Labs + ZINC + Digital Deluxe + villes d’Aix-en-Provence et de Marseille Participants: Atelier Hypermédia ESAA + Studio Lentigo ENSBAM +… Continue Reading →


Workshop: Mobilité Location: Atelier Hypérmedia + Atelier 3D + Méta Atelier, l’École supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence Dates: 30 November – 1 December 2009 Organizers: Ricardo Garcia, Douglas Edric Stanley, Jean-Paul Thibeau Conference: Thierry Marcou + Fing, « Villes 2.0 », 30… Continue Reading →

Horse Simulator

Attraction: Henniraof Design & Development: Lola & Douglas Edric Stanley Festival: Eniarof 0.4 Dates: 27 + 28 March, 2009 Times: 18:00 – 24:00 Location: l’École supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence Software: (Mac OS X) Development platform: OpenFrameworks Antonin Fourneau and I… Continue Reading →

Vision Factory

Workshop: Vision Factory Invited artist: Julien V3ga Professors: Ricardo Garcia, Douglas Edric Stanley Venue: l’École supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence Room: l’Atelier Hypermédia Dates: 16-19 December 2008 Time: 9h-12h / 14h-17h In a couple hours we’ll be starting a four-day workshop using… Continue Reading →


Presentation: abstractmachine.vb7d8 Speaker: Douglas Edric Stanley Venue: Haute École d’Art et de Design Genève, Geneva, Switzerland Department: CCC Dates: 3 décembre, 2008 Time: 9h-12h / 14h-17h I’ll be heading to Geneva tomorrow for a talk on Wednesday morning, followed by… Continue Reading →

Design algorithmique

Workshop: Objets interactifs : interfaces physiques et design algorithmique Location: Institut d’arts visuels, Orléans, France Artist: Douglas Edric Stanley, with Caroline Kassimo-Zhand & Olivier Bouton Dates: 27-30 October, 2008 Yet another workshop next week. This time I’ll be returning to… Continue Reading →


Last week, we finished a week-long introductory course on OpenFrameworks. This was an advanced-level course, and considered as a pre-requisite the basic concepts explored on-line and on-site in my classes on Processing). The session was somewhat improvised, given that I’d… Continue Reading →


Seminar: Programmation avancée avec OpenFrameworks Location: l’Atelier Hypermédia, l’École Supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence Dates: October 13-17, 2008 Time: 9h-12h / 14h-18h As I mentioned last week, starting tomorrow I will be teaching a week-long intensive introduction to OpenFrameworks and C++ programming… Continue Reading →

OpenCV for Processing v01

Software: OpenCV Library platforms: Mac OS X | Linux | Windows Design & Development: Stéphane Cousot, Douglas Edric Stanley Release date: July, 2008 Development platform: Processing OpenCV For Processing is an open-source library for integrating basic computer vision analysis and… Continue Reading →

Young, old, furry, slippery

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be spending two days participating in Fing‘s Université de printemps (Spring University) entitled Plus longue la vie (A Longer Life). As you can tell by the subject matter, it’s about aging and the role of new technologies… Continue Reading →

Plot’s Mountain Getaway

Workshop : Plot à la montagne Location : Pyrenees Aix-en-Provence, France Artists : Fabrice Gallis, Guillaume Stagnaro, Jean + Cristofol, Douglas Edric Stanley Dates : 14 – 18 April, 2008 This week Plot was supposed to be in the Pyrenées — riding rustic trains,… Continue Reading →