This Wednesday, the Geneva University of Art and Design (Haute École d’Art et de Design —Genève) will be hosting an open house starting around 2pm. The two departments of the Master Design (Media Design & Space and Communication) will be showing some of our latest work. If you’re curious, come by and say hello.

Here are some highlights of the type of work we do over in the Media Design side of the program.

Geek Run, Maria Beltran, Emilie Tappolet, Raphaël Muñoz, Matthieu Cherubini

Dog & Bone, Max Mollon

Reactive Walls, Workshop by Camille Scherrer & Sigma6

Édition expérimentale Digital + Paper: Workshop by Anette Lenz & Étienne Mineur

BodyDouble Workshop by Douglas Edric Stanley, HEAD —Genève, Mapping Festival + Lift Experience

MEDIA DESIGN in CITY MEDIA @ Mapping Festival 2011 MEDIA DESIGN in CITY MEDIA @ Mapping Festival 2011

Écran-Image-Objet, Workshop Mobilizing by Jean-Louis Boissier, Dominique Cunin

Still Life, Clovis Duran, Nicholas Rivet

Scolu, Leïla Jacquet

Ünterplay Workshop, Annelore Schneider & Douglas Edric Stanley