• Workshop: Graphisme génératif
  • Instructor: Douglas Edric Stanley
  • Location: —HEAD, Genève
  • Date: 31/10/2011-4/11/2011
  • Participants: Julia Garcia, Laura Couto Rosado, Nadezda Suvorova, Camille Dedieu, Roger Guindon, Patrick Donaldson, Kim Andenmatten, Amandine Baud, Annja Müller, Pierre-Alain Schilling, Yann Anspach, Marta Revuelta, Gention Cenko, Marie Rossi, Lucas Bertinotti, Angela Cardona, Emily Bonnet, Jakub Svehla, Laetitia Sejmowski, Jimmy Roura, Camille Rattoni
  • Documentation: Raphaëlle Müller —HEAD

A few weeks back I taught a workshop on generative graphics as part of a cross-disciplinary « semaine de tous les possibles » (week of possibilities) at the Geneva University of Art and Design. The workshop combined students from the Master Media Design and undergraduate students from Visual Communication. We worked mostly in the realm of print, introducing code into traditional book design and/or poster design. For example, the books were generated directly in Processing using the PDF Export library to generate multi-page booklets.

Les 100 mots les plus utilisés dans le petit livre rouge de Mao by Yann Anspach, Roger Guindon and Laetitia Sejmowski

Wsp Graphisme Generatif_HEAD©R.Mueller-3593 Wsp Graphisme Generatif_HEAD©R.Mueller-3594

Whole generation by Pierre-Alain Schilling and Jakub Svehla

Wsp Graphisme Generatif_©HEAD-0022 Wsp Graphisme Generatif_©HEAD-0030-2

Roue du Dharma by Kim Andenmatten, Amandine Baud and Annja Müller

affiche flower Wsp Graphisme Generatif_HEAD©R.Mueller-3555

Alice by Emily Bonnet, Angela Cardona, Marta Revuelta and Marie Rossi

Wsp Graphisme Generatif_HEAD©R.Mueller-3599 Wsp Graphisme Generatif_HEAD©R.Mueller-3602

Sisyphe by Lucas Bertinotti, Gention Cenko and Jimmy Roura

Wsp Graphisme Generatif_HEAD©R.Mueller-3514

Le livre rouge de Jung by Laura Couto Rosado, Patrick Donaldson and Camille Rattoni

vue iPad Wsp Graphisme Generatif_HEAD©R.Mueller-3536

Kaleidoscope by Nadezda Suvorova

Wsp Graphisme Generatif_HEAD©R.Mueller-3585 Wsp Graphisme Generatif_HEAD©R.Mueller-3587

stop_pattern_ornamentation by Julia-Garcia Skrenbneva

Wsp Graphisme Generatif_HEAD©R.Mueller-3590 Affiche Julia Garcia-Skrenbneva

Mapping by Camille Dedieu

Wsp Graphisme Generatif_HEAD©R.Mueller-3567 Wsp Graphisme Generatif_HEAD©R.Mueller-3564