• Machine: Invaders!
  • Concept+Development: Douglas Edric Stanley

Invaders! Douglas Edric Stanley

Recently, I’ve built a flashlight-controlled Space Invaders in response to World Trade Crash of September 11th. The whole event had sort of taken over my life, I was equally fascinated and disgusted by the whole thing, as well as by the (lack of) response which will inevitably become an excuse to do whatever the f*** we’ve always wanted to to overbloated warpath.

So last week I emulated the original Space Invaders, and added the possibility of using a simple flashlight or car headlights to contol the movement of the lone defender. I’ve been experimenting projecting the game directly onto buildings such as the Marseille World Trade Center, where any common citizen can come and defend the world against alien invaders from the sky. I use a car cigarette adapter and laptop batteries to keep everything working, and very mobile.