ENIAROF en Aix-en-Provence

Why no news recently about ENIAROF? Well, we are officially swamped, but happily so. I promise (really, no really) to get some more workable pictures online as soon as possible. Probably Friday afternoon, or if I want to sleep sometime during the weekend. Also the playable ENIAROF-simulator for Gameboy will appear online on Friday just in time for the event itself (playable via gamecard or emulator if you don’t have a Gameboy). Most of the code is finished, we just have to finish the credits, which is the hard part because were so busy finishing this:

DSC00201.JPG DSC00317 DSC00302

DSC00315 DSC00323 DSC00325 DSC00324

…and this…

DSC00204.JPG DSC00235.JPG DSC00304 DSC00299 DSC00358.JPG DSC00377.JPG

…and more! (I’m starting to sound like a user car salesman).

At the latest count there are currently 25 attractions being built during our two-week workshop in time for ENIAROF (open for business December 1st and 2nd, i.e. soon). Actually, 25 is a conservative estimate, because they keep popping up each time I turn my head. We’ve sort of gone overboard this time, but even if we are insane, it’s also normal given how quickly Processing and Arduino lets us build our prototypes. Some of the newer students are fighting with Processing a bit, but almost everyone gets Arduino immediately, especially those who probably would have dropped out from all the code.

DSC00261.JPG DSC00253.JPG DSC00252.JPG DSC00247.JPG DSC00263.JPG DSC00245.JPG DSC00329 DSC00331 DSC00333 DSC00338 DSC00345 DSC00351

Let’s see, what do have we so far, hmmm, « Tout le monde s’appelle Marcel Marceau » (an ingenious use of ReacTIVision), « Frite Fighter » (using Pool Floatees and live actors to remote-control play street fighter), « SADE » (with, um, this flourescent thing — and yeah, Arduino controls its motor), « Bzzzzz » (don’t ask), « La chasse » (yes, if you speak French, it means what it means), pretty little poetic things like the « Pitch-Pong » (play pong with an FFT), « MadNES » (80’s TV-set becomes the Joystick), « Tekken Drum » (play Tekken with a drumset), « Immortel Combat » (vote for your favorite politician with a boxing glove), and a BIG fluffy teddy bear that really wants to play with you (« L’ours mal leché »). There’s a lot more. For example, one that I really like (hmmm, can’t find the name) lets two players choose their game caracter solely using their thumbprint as input. The game then takes over from there and plays out the game for you (no other input required) based on your scanned biometric information. Who wins depends on whatever eugenist code it’s creator (Nicolas) has thrown into the game’s design. There’s a lot more. Better just let everyone install everything and post some decent pictures then.

DSC00294 DSC00287 DSC00284.JPG DSC00281.JPG DSC00279.JPG

We’ll only be running for two days, so we just have to pull together enough string, wire, tape and glue to make it all work.

Here are some pictures I took this afternoon of some of the non-electronic « attractions » that are already set up. There will be more. If it’s too small to see, note that these are like those signs you see at zoos, etc., where you can take a picture of your head in the mouth of a lion, etc…

DSC00366.JPG DSC00365.JPG DSC00364.JPG DSC00363.JPG DSC00361.JPG DSC00362.JPG