Just in time for the holiday season: Free Wrapping Paper!.

Abstract Machine Wrapping Paper

I really like the simple little background system I made for the blog. Instead of calling a fixed image, the CSS instead calls a PHP script that generates a random image on the fly. In fact, there is not just one image-generator, but a folder full of them. I just have to add a new program to the folder and hop! it’s added to the system. So for now there are only a few patterns; but when I’m bored I’ll doodle some more.

Here’s a link, if you want to admire (or print) the modular Wrapping Paper in all its unencombered beauty.

P.S. I originally said it was wallpaper (visions of Vasarely in my head), but Colette scoffed at that idea, “That’s ugly wallpaper! It should be wrapping paper.” Hence the current moniker.