From 2011-2012, Daniel Sciboz, Annelore Schneider and I worked with the students of Media Design on the Swiss Game Lounge, a collection of what we considered the most interesting game design coming out of Switzerland. The exhibit was integrated into the House of Switzerland for the London 2012 Olympics While Annelore and Daniel concentrated on the curation, Annelore and I worked with several Media Design students on developing games for the Game Lounge, three of which were selected for the exhibition: Oko, Fox Keedz, and Magnetics II; for more on that process, cf. Ünterplay.

Swiss Game Lounge Catalogue

We also commissioned former Media Design students Raphaël Muñoz (Aprobado) and Emilie Tappolet (Apelab) to design an installation using the Faceshift technology in collaboration with faceshift AG and the Computer Graphics and Geometry Laboratory of the EPFL. This led to the very popular Mimicry series which have also been exhibited at Game Gazer in San Francisco, the Tokyo Game Show 2013, and Lift#14.

MIMICRY – Emilie Tappolet & Raphaël Muñoz from Media Design HEAD - Genève on Vimeo.

Mimicry, Raphaël Muñoz + Emilie Tappolet + Faceshift